26 July 2007

The Day It Started

El Veintiséis de Julio. The Twenty-Sixth of July

The day that started my deep rooted and irrational aversion to red, black and olive green, especially when they’re together.

Over at Child Of The Revolution, Luis M. Garcia informs us that Reuters is reporting “Rumors” about some new privileges King Castro II may bestow on his subjects to commemorate the beginning of the blood and hate fueled 26th of July Revolutionary Movement that went on to destroy the Island and enslave its people:

Rumors are circulating that Raul will parcel out state land to farmers, allow Cubans to open more small business, stay at tourist hotels, acquire cell phones and freely buy and sell their cars and homes.

And why make changes to Paradise?

The “Paradisians” expect changes. That’s why. People expected that once Castro I was out of the way, the new more pragmatic Castro II, would ease the grip and allow the Cubans to breath a little. But although the succession seems to have gone off without a hitch, Castro I has hung around way too long, casting a nefarious shadow over Castro II’s reign. This shadow is making it progressively more difficult for Raul to govern and making the people ever more impatient. Trouble in Paradise.

So anyway, Reuter’s is reporting “rumors”. Official Rumors as opposed to the Official Lies they usually parrot.

Rumors. Rumors… Rumors of Freedom…

Now here you go again
You say you want your freedom
Well who am I to keep you down
It's only right that you should
Play the way you feel it
But listen carefully to the sound
Of your loneliness
Like a heartbeat.. drives you mad
In the stillness of remembering what you had
And what you lost...
And what you had...
And what you lost

Thunder only happens when it's raining
Players only love you when they're playing
Say... Women... they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean... you'll know

Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions
I keep my visions to myself
It's only me
Who wants to wrap around your dreams and...
Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?
Dreams of loneliness...
Like a heartbeat... drives you mad...
In the stillness of remembering what you had...
And what you lost...
And what you had...
And what you lost

Rumors … I love that Album.

Too bad for Cuba, it’s the same ol song we’ve heard before-The broken record of lies and empty promises of the Twenty Sixth of July.

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Actually the upper crust Cubans are already using the hotels and getting way better treatment than the tourists who are ignored. Doing those reforms you mentioned would signal the tyrant regime ready to negotiate - which means they are finished! Tyrants never negotiate until they have to.