03 July 2007

Taking it All for Granted.....

As God is my Witness ....

Anita Snow has finished her self-imposed living like a native exercise in condescension in Havana.
... And she lost nine whole pounds!
You Know , Anita, it's not about the food. It's about freedom.
What you should never take for granted is freedom. That's what you do when you make excuses for the Cuban regime by sugar coating the truth and parroting the myriad of excuses the regime spouts off to cover up their oppression and ineptitude.
Freedom to choose if you want to opt out in Castro's primative "Deal-a-Meal" libreta diet.
She also claims that:

A big papaya costs more than a day's wages.

I'll say!


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

For Anita's sake lets hope none of that weight lose was brain tissue.

Fidel pro democracy said...

It is sad that a journalist, graduated from a US university, can not distinguish that it is all about freedom. There has been famish in many places in the world, there has been racioning at many times, but always ends, only because of freedom.