22 July 2007

Out For The Count For Good?

Sports Illustrated is reporting that two Cuban Boxers Guillermo Rigondeaux (R) and Erislandy Lara (L) failed to attend their scheduled fights at the Pan Am Games.

Pedro Roque, coach and chief of Cuba's boxing delegation, learned about the boxer's absence Sunday morning, but would not comment on whether they had deserted.

"Everything is possible in life," he said.

Maybe that's why Castro was glued to the TV. He looking for "his" missing athletes.

I'm sure they'll show up on Miami TV next week.


Alfredo said...

They probably defected from the adidas wearing blogging apartheid dictator!

Mambi_Watch said...

It seems that these two great fighters will find their way into Europe, in the steps of other boxing defectors from earlier this year (e.g. Odlanier Solis in Germany).

Also note that Solis was supposed to make a fight debut in Miami, but it never happened. He has only appeared briefly in Miami Beach at a press conference. Immediately flying off to Germany afterwards.

So far he has been eliminating the competition ferociously. No doubt, Rigondeaux wants some of that action.

St. Jose said...

Las fugas de la delegacion cubana son una muestra al mundo de que ese sistema ya no da mas.