13 July 2007

No Entiendo ni Papa

When I was like 15 or thereabouts I went to see “Chinatown” at the old “Tony” theater on Summit Avenue in Union City, NJ.

In one of the most famous scenes in moviedom, Jack Nicholson is trying to get the truth out of Faye Dunaway about her “sister” Dunaway says "She's my daughter [slap] ...my sister [slap] ... She's my daughter [slap] ... my sister [slap]. She's my sister and my daughter!"

I was very confused.

Now I’m feeling like I’m watching a rerun.

Every time the administration gets slapped with a question about Cuba , it gives a seemingly different answer.

Earlier this week, Condoleezza Rice, (yes, it’s spelled with two z’s and btw, what’s the plural of z? zzz..i know if you’re still reading I’m putting you to sleep), was reported to say that the “US will not tolerate the transition from one dictator to another in Cuba” .

And yet just last February, Mike McConnell , the then brand spanking new director of National Intelligence, said that "In Cuba, this year will mark the end of the long domination of that country by Fidel Castro,"


McConnell, who did not explain his remark, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that significant positive change immediately after Fidel Castro's death was unlikely. He said Raul Castro has had the opportunity to solidify his control in the seven months since his brother's incapacitating illness last July.


No succession [slap]..the succession already happened [slap]

But back to “Chinatown”:

So when I’m in my 20’s, I’m watching TV and Chinatown is on and I confess I'm only watching in anticipation of Nicholson getting his nose sliced open. Only this time, when Dunaway gets the truth slapped out of her, I get it. And I feel like Edith Bunker saying “Oh I get it, Archie!”

So maybe in ten years or so I’ll have another Edith Bunker moment and get it because frankly, right now, I just don’t.

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