27 July 2007

Got Milk?

There was little Raul.

After a year on the throne and pretty much hiding and desperately trying to maintain the status quo, he looks around and sees a country laid to waste by bad decisions and mismanagement. And he speaks of “structural changes.”

His family has been calling the shots now for 50 years. They are the structure. They are the system. Amen to that. Let’s have structural changes. Let’s get a new structure.

His structural changes: more sacrifice. You see, he wants more foreign investments “without repeating the mistakes of the past”. This means that unlike in pre-Castro Cuba, investors will not be able to hire Cubans and exploit them. No that’s the purpose of the structure. Cubans will work for and be exploited by the structure, Castro.

Yet it’s the workers who must bring Cuba out of the now prolonged “especial period” by working harder, more efficiently and not stealing-more sacrifice. As if all the failures and shortages and shortcomings were caused by the Cuban worker – who by the way, do perfectly well in free market economies, and not the structure (that needs changing-presumably por que esta cagada).

And the reward for this sacrifice-Milk.

Is it me or is everyone in the Castro family suffer from some kind of bovine fixation.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Certainly they are all fat as cows!

rsnlk said...

you've got it. That's what I noticed about the speech. Ten minutes on milk?