16 July 2007

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of when Castro bust a gut, and he has settled into his new role as Blogger in Chief quite nicely.

Castro, however, must not be happy with his visit count and his blog probably isn’t linked to as much as he would like, so he has decide to join the cool kids in an attempt to get noticed.

He’s now trying to appeal to wider audience by Bush Bashing or maybe he's just tired and is taking the easy way out.

In his latest, he “samples “the ideas of the American Left and accuses W of deliberately allowing terrorists acts to happen on purpose to “justify the brutal war which has been declared against the culture, religion, economy and independence of other peoples.”

This is a good move almost garanteed to get his “refelction” mentioned in the press.

He goes on to blame Bush for plundering the medical talent of third world countries and of not sending doctors to serve in poor countries like Cuba does. Another great move, but way too wordy.

Castro has a real mental block when it comes to free will.

The United States, a country ruled by the rule of laws and thankfully not by George Bush’s whims cannot force American doctors to work in other countries as indentured servants with their families held hostage like Castro does.

If El Comandante wants to make it as a blogger, he’s going to have to step up the personal attacks on Bush, make his entries shorter, use smaller words and lots of pictures. His target audience is the left, after all.


Charlie Bravo said...

El Comandante's blog is full of defecations.... at the intellectual level, and otherwise!

Marta said...

"Castro has a real mental block when it comes to free will."
That's the best sentence I've read all day. Beautifully put, Rei.