03 July 2007

The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.

Nothing to buy. Nothing to cook. Just a day to relax and celebrate the best thing of all:

When I tell folks that the fourth is my favorite holiday, I usually get interrogated. “How about Christmas?” “How about Thanksgiving”

And I tell them: “Without the Fourth of July, we may not have these other great holidays”.

Quizzical and incredulous looks quickly follow.

But that’s alright, I ought to know, I hail from an island where they cancelled Christmas.

So take it from me, the birth of the United States and the ideals of individual freedoms and responsibilities that resulted and their spread throughout the planet are certainly something to celebrate with your family and friends.

Here’s a little something to get you in the mood.

In the meantime, I’ll be poolside celebrating the Fourth and playing homage to the 21st Amendment.


Jewbana said...

Awesome Gusano! You know my husband always brags about the fact that HE WAS THERE enjoying the show, to which I quip, I was TOO YOUNG to be there, ha, ha, ha!
If he only knew how jelous I am.
Oye, ten cuidado y no me heches pa lante como un carrito de elado, la proxima vez que nos veas ok? If you do, I'll deny it through the teeth!

Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, Jimi served with the 101th Airborne, and he was a very proud American, I posted the same video at the Black Sheep, and greetings from Uncle Ted at KillCastro.
As per the holiday, yeah, baby, bring it on!
I love it precisely for the cooking, I fire the grill and up it goes!
Maybe I had time (after my road trip) and work a tad on the Cuban Ladies of the Revolution (the ones who sold their jewelry to finance the American Revolution)
Happy Fourth of July y'all!!!