22 July 2007

Lizard Pool Party

It's the weekend and there's not all that much going on Cuba-wise other than the MSM falling all over themselves to tell us that Cuba's Dictator Emeritus is glued to the TV watching something called the Pan American Games. I thought Pan-Am went out of business years ago ... Anyway why didn't Castro become a sports-watching couch potato(e) earlier. It might have saved a lot of us a lot of grief.

I'm not sure how may of the 10 readers I get here a day have been following the Cuban unwanted species saga, but I found out that the Cuban Tree Frog and the Cuban Brown Anole, like me, are not wanted in Florida because they are more aggressive than the native population and take over the habitat.
No that I know that the frogs and the lizards in back yard are practically family, hell I threw a party for them.
The frogs are night owls so they didn't come but me and the Brown Anoles had a grand ol' time.
Here are some candid shots of my friends feasting on flying giant ants:

One of the Lizards, Larry, is working in pest control ridding the yard of unwanted insects:

Now, how do I know these are Cuban lizards, you ask? Well, here's the proof:

We had to cut the party short because it started to pour. That woke the Cuban Tree Frogs up and I hear them outside playing a Guaguancó.

Those Noisy Cubans! There ought to be a law..oh wait there is...


Anonymous said...

weed your yard. It's a mess.

Marta said...

Ahh... life in the tropics. Party on! =D

Ziva said...

This is hilarious!