18 July 2007


Refugees from Castrolandia are invading the US and the natives are restless.

It seems the alien life-forms are taking over and the Cubanophobia usually reserved for balseros is now spreading to the animal kingdom and the Sunshine state is now in the grips of Cubanofrogia.

The newest threat to The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave is the Cuban Tree Frog.

Have you felt as if someone were watching you, but when you look over your shoulder, no one is there? That's not as odd as you might think. Lately, more big eyes have been watching us, but they don't belong to a who. They belong to a what: Cuban tree frogs.

The paranoia knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

F-cking awesome! I've never met a cuban tree frog but when I do I'll shake his f-cking tentacles or whatever they have for hands lol Keep staring at them, they hate that. Noone likes to have someone look right through them like Cubans do lol Una rana cubana, hot dog, I'm loving it. I wantr to adopt one or two. Even the frogs are in exile Woo Hoo! Yee Ja! Ni las ranas le creen la mierda ya lol

Anonymous said...

I read the article.

Search an destroy?
Me cago en la mierda ,ni a las ranas Cubanas las dejan vivir en paz. Que envidia nos tienen. Que Vivan Las Ranas Cubanas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Charlie Bravo said...

Wow, lo que mas me gusta es que las ranas cubanas dejan mojones gigantescos por todas partes. Me imagino que el tipo la cojera de un momento a otro con los perros satos cubanos. La histeria no tiene nombre.
Esas ranas tienen dry feet! Diganselo a ese comemierda!

Jewbana said...

En Cuba ya casi no quedan ni perros ni gatos por el hambre que hay. Que barbaridad! Hasta las ranas se exilian. Bienvenidas a Miami, la capital del exilio.