28 September 2007

Black Fall?

Raul is showing his true totalitarian colors.

Mr. Debate, General Pragmatic.

Assaulting Grandmothers who just wanted to join his debate by pointing out one of the problems of Cuban society by delivering a letter to the justice ministry asking that political prisoners in Cuba be kept in better conditions. This after all, is one of the reasons that the Empire uses to justify its unfair and cruel blockade on the island. Didn't he himself say last Sunday that everyone's opinion is welcome:

"we need to 'retronourish' ourselves with everyone's opinions (...), this will help us very much, but we need to speak with sincerity and with realism, in the adequate place, the opportune time and the 'correct' way, like we say in the armed forces"

I guess Cuba isn't the "adequate place". And it will never be until this band of bullies meet Mr. Lead.


Mambi_Watch said...

Mr. Lead?


Marta said...

Mr. Lead!
You're killing me. =D