26 September 2007

Slick, Hugo, Slick

Hugo Chavez may sound like an uncultured, unpolished brute, but he knows how to “get elected”

Back on August 15, Chavez unveiled his plans for sweeping constitutional changes that will allow him legitimize his perpetual reelection-along with his stuffed ballot boxes, hacked electronic voting machines, government controlled press, jailing of the opposition and Jimmy Carter.

Since Chavez controls Venezuela’s national assembly, he should be able to push the constitutional change through without too much of a struggle….

… But, the changes have to be approved by Venezuelans in a national referendum.

He knows the opposition is going to put up a huge fight against his plan of installing a constitutional dictatorship.

So, in order to better his chances at the “polls” and sweeten the deal for voters, Chavez is including a proposed 6 hour workday for Venezuelan workers as part of the reforms hoping that many Venezuelans will trade two hours a day of “free” time for their freedom.

Coupled with his “Venezuelan Time” proposal , I’m not sure if it will result in Venezuelans working work 2 ½ hours less or if they’ll be ½ late for work everyday.

And for “spacey” folks out there that doubt that Chavez is following in Castro’s footsteps, Hugo just set a new record on his Alo Presidente program by talking for eight straight hours:

Mr Chávez compared himself with his friend and ally Fidel Castro, president of Cuba, whose long speeches are legendary.

He quipped about the length of his broadcast and his ability to go so many hours without using the toilet, adding that Castro once joked with him it was a sign of a good prostate.


Ironically, his pal Castro has no use for toilets anymore.

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Charlie Bravo said...

They would need those two extra hours a day to "resolver".....