22 September 2007

Divulging State Secrets

Well, it took them four weeks, but the regime managed to pump enough drugs into Fidel Castro to show him on TV last night and contradict gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who I’m assuming is now getting ready to butch up since he promised to turn straight if he was wrong about Fidel’s death.

Though many of the wires announced that a healthier Fidel had appeared on TV, all I saw was a very sick old man being used by the same revolution that he started as a propaganda prop. The once feared and forceful Fidel is now a feeble and harmless old man that’s forced to wear an Adidas tracksuit and perform the only act he was ever really good at: B.S.

Even to someone who has the lowest opinion for Fidel possible, like I do, this is an embarrassing and pathetic spectacle.

Right before the video came out and eclipsed any Castro news that was out there, something very interesting came to light.

According to published reports Ann Louise Bardach , CBS television correspondent , has penned a new book, Without Fidel, where it is revealed that:

Castro has permanently ceded effective power to his brother Raul - not on the temporary basis that Cuban authorities claim.

It confirms that when the dictator disappeared from public view this summer he was undergoing treatment for an illness that is expected to kill him.

The book, to be published later this year, reportedly says: “A few weeks after Fidel Castro’s surgery, his son, Antonio Castro, an orthopedic surgeon and the doctor for Cuba’s national baseball team, was more forthcoming with some of his foreign counterparts at an international baseball event.

“Asked solicitously about his father’s health, the amiable Antonio shook his head sadly, and said: 'What my old man has is insurmountable.’”

This bit of information about Antonio Castro confirms that the rumors about Castro having a relapse right before his birthday resulting in a septicemia and reported by Yolanda Martinez in Mexico’s “La Reforma” where accurate. Especially since Hugo Chavez pretty much confirmed the septicemia yesterday when he stated “They transfused nearly all Fidel's blood, he is still alive because he's Fidel. They gave him I don't know how many transfusions,".

Yolanda Martinez was never reprimanded, rebutted or deported by the Cuban government. I heard that this was because she might have gotten her information straight from Fidel Castro’s family and that is why nothing was done to her, but his family was given a “gag order” about Cuba’s best known “state secret”.

So, since divulging state secrets, is treason in Cuba and punishable by death are they going to give Dr. Antonio Castro the “paredon”?

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