27 September 2007

Special Friday Fast

Cuba’s democratic elections are “fortifying” its democracy as it nominates candidates to the municipal assemblies.

A debate is raging, at Raul Castro’s behest, for the citizens to air out the system’s shortcomings and suggest solutions.

There are many dissidents in Cuba that would love the opportunity to serve their country by participating in these two processes, yet the regime refuses “fortify” its democracy with those with different ideas and solutions.

And yet today we learn that the regime chooses to “fortify” its democracy by engaging in a massive crackdown of dissidents who were planning on meeting to call attention to – to debate, as Raul has decreed-one of Cuba’s worse problems : Human Rights

Raul is only interested in debating a bunch of parrots and is only interested in “fortifying” the repressive grip that he has on the Cuban population.

In a normal country, getting ready for national elections, the list of candidates would not be chosen by the government, but by the people and this would be one the posters throughout the island.

This Friday lets fast in the morning in solidarity our newly detained democracy activists and pray that they are successful in their struggle to bring freedom and prosperity to our enslaved island.


Alex said...

Good Article Gusano.

El Gusano said...

thanks, Alex