13 September 2007

Castro's Revenge?

My “Comcastic” internet is dead. Not Castro dead. Really Dead.

So postings and comments may short and few. No need to thank me.

I noticed, while I was checking the wires, that the Associated Parrots are peddling one of those endearing Castro anecdotes about how Fidel Castro saved Ronald Reagan, and thus civilization as we know it, (hehehe), from an assignation attempt in October of 1984. So you’ll probably going to be force fed that soup today.

Through extensive research I was able to dig up this rare photo of Reagan thanking Fidel Castro for saving his life. (Castro is the one with the beard.):

This was from the same reflection where Castro accused the Bush administration of “misinformation” about the 9/11 attacks.

It seems from some of the past reflections that though Castro has a deep rooted hatred for the United States and its free market system, but has developed a deep affection and admiration for “dead presidents”..hmm?

Naturally, the free press doesn’t try to verify Castro’s reflective claims from the Cuban government, but they do try to verify the claims from the US government. The Castro ghost writing team are probably all in intensive care in one of Cuba’s first class free hospitals from laughing so hard.

Supposedly, the Cuban regime alerted US authorities about the Reagan assassination plot in October of 1984-just a year after the Grenada invasion-which reminded me of a conversation I had this weekend with my friend Dr. Mario about Castro’s Floridian atomic dreams.

So I did a quick-well not quick if you’re using dial up-search. And low and behold, it seems that that Saint Fidelis of Biran, was not all about saving presidents.

Humberto Fontova to the rescue:

According to General Rafael del Pino, one time head of Castro's Air Force who defected in 1987, during the U.S. invasion of Grenada Castro ordered military plans for the destruction of the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant South of Miami.

“I want to do something that the Yankees will remember for the rest of their lives!" Del Pino recalls Castro raving. "And when we're gone, history will remind the Yankees that we were the only ones who made them pay dearly for their imperialistic arrogance around the world!"

Obviously, the Turkey Point caper was abandoned by Castro.

Which leads me to another thought. ( I know…OUCH!) Was saving Reagan and unleashing Reaganomics and the Reagan Revolution on “The Empire” Castro’s revenge for Grenada?


Anonymous said...

Lol ese chimpanzee tiene la misma cara de fifo jajaja pero el chimp en la foto era mas inteligente y menos hijo de puta!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till this nightmare is over. How much longer? These people are sick. I still haven't seen any newspaper or media question these writings and their validity. How can a chimp write anyways? Must be tricky ricky :P

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes this garbage about Castro saving Reagn's life informing the FBI needs to put in an insane asylum. How on earth could the Cuban secret service authorities based in N.Y., could pssibly have had any type of contact with supposed right wingers from North Carolina? To believe these stupid assertions is beyond the pale to say the least. Are we so gullible that we can believe that somehow right wingers in North Carolina now of all a sudden have contacts with the DGI in N.Y.? This is absolute nonsense. And Castro, of all people, after smarting and ranting from his defeat in Grenada somehow finds it in his heart (his black heart that is) to do something to save the same guy who had just inflicted a shameful defeat on him where his lost face in front of the whole world? Please, this is so unbelievable that I am surprised that no one in the american media has even pointed the stupidity of it all and questioned its veracity.