06 September 2007

El Fid Blogueador

Legend has it – or is it rumor has it?- since it can’t really be confirmed. Nevertheless, legend has it that when El Cid Campeador died, his wife had his body strapped to his horse, Babieca, and sent him back into battle. The enemy was so afraid of what looked to be an invincible fighter that they retreated back to their vessels and fled. Thus, El Cid Campeador won his final battle even after his death.

This must be the inspiration for the Cuban regime.

In one of those proverbial history repeats itself moments, We may be witnessing the birth of the of the legend/rumor of El Fid Blogueador.

With the Empire only ninety miles away ready to annex -already having laid a siege to the tiny island state of Cuba for 45 years and with the Exiled Mafia ready to jump on board anything that will float to turn socialist Cuba into a modern prosperous, progressive and productive member of the world community once again, the fearful regime has put a number two pencil into the hands of its once invincible leader, El Fid, so that his words of poison can strike a venomous blow to the empire and its Miami mobster minions in a final decisive battle.


El Fid Blogueador, who lived his whole life telling one whopper after another, who never met a lie or an excuse he didn’t like is now propped up on Granma, his ship, to fend off the enemy.

And all the scribes, they read his words and they believe, in fear, that El Fid Blogueador, is still spreading his message. And in their awe and panic, they do not dare question if it is really El Fid that writes in Granma for they are too busy exalting the wisdom in his words of woe and his eternal combativeness against the enemy.

So one day when it is learned that El Fid Blogueador fought his last battle, told his last lie, conned his last suckers from beyond, they will not feel ashamed at their gullibility.

No sir! They will tell the Legend of El Fid Blogueador who conned them one last lime from beyond the grave and they will rejoice at how masterfully they were deceived!


Jose Aguirre said...

Fid El Cagador!!!!

Charlie Bravo said...

I am re-reading this.
And again!
Really good, Gusano, really good!

El Gusano said...

thanks, CB. They acuse us of rumoe mongering while they create an obscene legend.

Alfredo said...

blogging while doing his dictatorcizes and being adidasized! Great post mi hermano!

Roberto Jesus Companioni said...

this put put a smile on my face.

excellant mockery of their deceit and delusion and the fools that follow.