10 September 2007

On Castro Death Rumors

From Maria Elvira Salazar's Polos Opuestos on the rumors that circled Miami-Havana 2 weeks ago August 24th....btw, guys, she looks pretty in pink.



Charlie Bravo said...

Interesting Gusano, the medical part coincides with what our sources have been saying, and also with what we have been reported for a while, that castro is not receiving visitors, because he doesn't want to, and many other points. There are also, many things that we have not confirmed or that we have confirmed as false.
At this point, we have repeated it many times, it's totally irrelevant if he's dead of alive.
The medical information basically coincides with what we've getting, like anesthetics gone wrong, and semi-comatose state, barely alive. As a reminder, he was the one who self-prescribed those anesthetics over the desires of his doctors.

El Gusano said...

CB: i think it does make a difference in that the "changes" won't start occuring until he's gone for sure and the taliban is still battling the "chinafication" pretty openly in granma via the "reflections". somebody made a point that la china wont make any changes so they don't credit his brother-comm. 101- for dummies edition? YOU know the drill.

Charlie Bravo said...

The changes are going to come after they destroy and deconstruct the myth of castro, what we are seeing now is the most absurd of the "reflections of el comepinga en jefe" who obviously are written by somebody else. Then they will ridicule them, after castro is gone. Then la China will come out with some reforms, cosmetic in spirit, but that will distract the people for a while.... He has four years before his self-proclaimed date of retirement, so then fidelito will be in the batting position. That's another thing that I didn't agree with Marzo, fidelito is the one that comes after raul, for much that some of the bozos there don't like it.