17 September 2007

Some Good news and Some Bad News.

First the Bad news:

Once they decide to either admit Castro is dead or decide to unplug him from his combination life support/reflection writing machine, whatever the case may be, the Dictator for Life and Death of Cuba, will NOT be placed in a mausoleum a la Lennin, according to Lazaro Barredo Medina, director of the Official Organ of the Cuban Communist Party, Granma, who was interviewed by 'Diario de Noticias' in Portugal.

This is bad news because it means that someday you won’t be able spit, urinate or otherwise desecrate the tyrant’s grave. (something that I've personally been looking forward to and probably one of the causes that prompted the Almighty to zap my cable box with a bolt of lighting)This is also bad news for Cuba’s future tourist economy because a Castro mausoleum would have meant a steady “stream” of golden contributions to the island from foreign tourists. What Cuban exile wouldn’t pay $20, $50 even $100 bucks to spit on Castro’s bones? What member of the international left wouldn't pay twice that to lick their idol's casket clean?

The good news is that Barredo finally admitted that Castro “cannot return in his previous capacity “. Now before you say that this can just be his personal opinion and not necessarily the official story, think. Barredo is the official parrot and disseminator of the official lie du jour. AND if Fidel isn’t able to return to his Dictator for Life position, he’s technically the reflecting ex-dictators new boss. AND besides, nobody in Cuba is allowed to have a personal opinion and express it.
Barredo also said that when Castro dies, the current system of government will continue because "there's a shared leadership". This is an interesting statement. It could mean that Raul Castro has been forced to share power and that the power sharing is what is causing the Castro-Communist version of "stay the course". Or it could all be a smokescreen to make Raul seem less of a despot than his older half-brother Fidel.

But then again, this guy Barredo lies, fabricates and misinforms for a living, so you can’t believe anything he says.

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Fidel pro democracy said...

Guys like that, you can not believe the oposite of what they say!!! Go figure.