21 September 2007

Remaking An Old Fairy Tale

Fairy Tales Can Come True …

Fairy God Mother Raul wants Cubans to debate, suggest, come up with innovative and creative solutions to fix Cuba’s Guadalajara sized economy. Isn’t that what he was elected for? Oh-never mind. Isn’t that the role of all pragmatic and benevolent despots?

He’s encouraging debate, according to media sources. One in English, one in Spanish. Pretty much the same story ... hmmmm? Great minds thinking alike? Lazy reporters parroting “official” Cuban news? Committed regime operatives earning their keep?

He’s letting Cubans speak their mind in public. Well! Why? What a great guy! Where has he been for the last 50 years. Did he just get to Havana after having been hidden in an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney bunker somewhere? Well no, he’s seems to be buckshot wound free.

Raul is an enigma of a man. Accustomed to living in the shadows of his maniacal big half brother and in virtual anonymity. But now has the opportunity to either be Gorbachev or Ceausescu. Either one is fine with me.

But if Raul really wants a debate on how to improve Cuban society, he needs to look no further than his jail cells. In them, he will find patriots-Men and women who didn’t initiate the debate when they were given permission. No, these folks got thrown in Castro’s dungeons for merely suggesting simple societal changes to improve the conditions in their beloved country and fellow Cubans. Let them out. Let THEM make a suggestion or two. Are we afraid of words and ideas?

If he really wants debates, let him call for elections which is still the best way for ideas to be aired and debated. Let this man right here run for president against the Communists. Let’s hear this man’s plans for change.

Hell, if Raul, Castro II, really wants a debate-real suggestions to bring about “structural changes” in his island prison, I’m sure this man right here would give him an earful.

Raul doesn’t even have to let him out of his jail cell. Raul can just go visit him. Yes, and Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet would welcome him to the cell and treat even Raul, his jailer-his oppressor, with respect. And he would share his vision with Raul. Honestly, for he is not afraid of Raul and his regime.

And this man, Biscet, would volunteer to stay in his cell the rest of his life, no he would lay down his life, if he knew his ideas would help his country and his fellow Cubans leave the FIFTY years of misery and oppression that they have suffered.

But Raul doesn’t want a debate. Raul wants to know how he can make a few extra bucks off the backs of his slaves. Raul wants cover. Scapegoats. He wants to be able to unleash a totalitarian fascist exploitation of the Cuban worker and be able to say that HIS change, HIS model was the result of the people’s wishes, of a popular debate.

I have read this book and seen this movie.

Remakes are never as good as the original

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Alfredo said...

the raulita regime is just the same ole apartheid dictatorship except for the office furniture and wide array of flourescent colors...