19 September 2007

That’s the Ticket!

Cuba and its loyal pro-bono publicity agents have started the yearly whinnathon about the “blockade” that culminates in a resounding victory against the "empire" at the UN as evidenced by this totally "objective" and well parroted Reuters piece.

You've heard of the Embargo, the "blockade",You know-the one imposed on them by its FIFTH largest trading partner.

This year in order to reach a wider audience I encourage them to hire Jon Lovitz to replace the chromosome challenged Felipe Perez Roque to deliver their “message”.

Maybe its me, but the regime’s message sounds a lot more natural and palatable when you add “Yeah, That’s Right, That’s the Ticket” at the end:

"Enforcement of the blockade has reached levels of madness and has been particularly ferocious and cruel in the last year," “Yeah, That’s Right, That’s the Ticket”

"No bank dares accept a Cuban transaction," "Our country wants to pay but can't. The Swiss banks are afraid of receiving transfers," “Yeah, That’s Right, That’s the Ticket”

Cuba has not been able to pay its dues as a party to the chemical and biological weapons conventions because banks will not transfer Cuban funds “Yeah, That’s Right, It’s the Embargo, That’s the Ticket”

"World rejection of the embargo is practically unanimous," “That’s the Ticket

U.S. sanctions cost cash-strapped Cuba $3 billion in extra trade and financial costs since mid-2006, including higher credit, freight and insurance rates, and the loss of business, the report said. Cuba is banned from the U.S. market, the world's largest for premium rum and cigars. “Yeah, That’s Right, That’s the Ticket”

Cuba also blames U.S. sanctions for the lack of Internet access it offers its population. The U.S. embargo blocks Cuban connection to nearby submarine optic fiber cables, forcing Cuba to access the Internet via costly satellite communications. “Yeah, That’s Right, That’s the Ticket”


Fidel pro democracy said...

you are right, it sounds better yeah, right, thats the ticket.

JOSE said...

My mom and dad who live in Cuba CAN'T recieve me and their American born grandchildren for frequent visits. We don't dare go down now b/c we want to save our 1 per 3 year visit for emergency! THAT'S THE TICKET!!!

My primo who lives in Vedado can't convince ANY of his neighbors that ITS Fidel NOT the USA WHO is the enemy (b.c embargo has been excuse for THE failures all of these years). THATS THE TICKET!!

My tio needs his daughter's help (who lives in US) in making their house en Havana Vieja 'diability friendly', since her cuban mother is in a wheel chair due to old age. That daughter can't visit to help b/c of the travel embargo. Evil bush! That' daughter can't even send materials to help her father (my tio) build a ramp! THAT'S THE TICKET!

And you wonder why most ordinary Cubans blame the US rather than the Castro thugs for all of their suffering. You wonder why most ordinary Cubans on the street are more fearful of exiles than another 20 years of Raul.



El Gusano said...

Jose: by putting "that's the ticket" at the end of your statements, you make the statement into a lie-(JL played a pathological liar in SNL)Unless you we're trying to be sacarstic-which I doubt since that actually requires an IQ above room temperature.