05 September 2007

Castronomics From Beyond

And so … Cuba’s blogger in chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, EPD, (por si las moscas), now warns us , perhaps even from the great beyond, that the world might be heading for another global recession like the great depression of the 30’s.

Is it because he’s going to kick the bucket and leaving the masses of the world without their greatest protector and benefactor?

No, it’s because:

Washington's coffers were depleted during the Vietnam War and that ``since then the United States economy is sustained by natural resources and the savings of the rest of the world.''

NOT one cent in wealth has been created in the US since the sixties. Nothing has been built, no cars, no homes, no roads, no bridges, no schools, no hospitals, no industries-nothing, no taxes have been paid. If you follow Castro’s logic, economies and societies are stagnant-never growing. Well, I guess you can’t blame him-given the view from his hospital window. He’s looking out unto a country freeze framed in 1959.

Castro, the great economist, the dictator who could not even provide his people with toilet paper, the leader whose every grandiose scheme for economic growth and independence failed miserably, the man that brought us the mini-cow and countless other bovine experiments, the man with thousands of failed get Cuba rich schemes-THE Ralph Kramdem of dictators-(who used to tell his long suffering wife Alice she lived in the “lap of luxury”-just like Castro tells the Cuban people), now tells us that there’s going to be a recession because of Viet-Nam?!?

That statement right there is the thought that betrays the communist world view and exposes its fallacious economic philosophy. Castro doesn’t accept the fact that wealth is created. No. To him and his fellow socialist wealth is a given and finite quantity that can only be carved up differently. A pie that the “classes” struggle over until everyone has an equi-tiny piece – except for the ones that own the knives, of course.

Whereas, we in the free world recognize that wealth can be created. That the pie can be made larger so that everybody can share in the pie, albeit a different size slice. New pies can be baked, with different fillings, even.

But not to Castro, who’s stuck back in the late 1800’s when Marx was writing Das Kapital and Spain was struggling to cling to what was left of its once vast empire and the outdated Mercantilist philosophy of the Colonialist period-which is why Castro continually uses words like imperialism and views trade and investments with other nations as a threat to Cuba’s sovereignty.


Charlie Bravo said...

I am telling you, the writing style has nothing to do with kasstro's.... They only have one thing in common: BORING AS HELL!

El Gusano said...

Yes. agreed. I should make it clear that I don't believe that the broken record that they're playing is an original Castro recording. I should have perhaps put quotes around "Castro". The editor of La Nueva Cuba has also analyzed the reflections and has come to the same conclusion.

Anonymous said...

In Castro's world wealth isn't created - it's stolen...