25 September 2007

Mea Culpa

With other Cuban American bloggers saying they are sorry that they prematurely jumped on the "Castro is Dead" bandwagon that came through town about a month ago and vowing not to err in premature exhuberance again, I feel obligated to add my voice to the chorus and say that I too am sorry:

I am sorry Fidel Castro Ruz didn't die.

I am sorry he's "vivito y babeando."

There, I said it. I feel SO much better now.

And please if you hear any rumors abour Casto's Cuba, share then with the rest of us, without apologies or recriminations.

Since what happens in Cuba, stays in Cuba, the only way for truth to escape is through word of mouth and through unsubstantiated verbal reports- rumors.

It is not our fault that Cuba exists in an information vacumn, isloted and cut off from the rest of civilization or that its so called leaders are liars, propagandists and rumor mongers. We are not to blame that the international free press purpose in Havana is not to report the truth, but just not rocking the boat so they are allowed to stay for the impending memorial service.

I'm sorry about that too and that's why I'm here.


Val Prieto said...

For the record, I apologized for my zeal in my reportage, not necessarily for the actual report. Mistakes come with the program.

El Gusano said...

For the record, I think that given the info you had been given, had you not passed it on, then you would have had something to appologize for.

Jose said...

the ones that owe everyone an appology is the media for being accomplices to Castro's crimes against the Cuban people

Fidel pro democracy said...

Oops! so he is alive, well I guess I'll need another bottle of Dom, honey I need another $200.00 for champagne, the bastard did not die hehehehe. Lets keep the party going, after all the adventure is the best part of the journey. For the records I will not be suprised if it is a doctorated video, this people are capable of anything, and obviously they have an interest in letting people think that he is in control.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how you think fidel dying will change anything in Cuba.

Ha, if Cuba system was that weak (i.e,. crumble when one man dies) it would have crumbled some years ago... How else do you explain the lack of protest for almost 50 years.

Even monks in Myramar have more cajones than cubans. Why? B/c although repressive and politically closed, Cuba is NO Burma silly goose. ITs a mixed bag, as a result, no big swell of anger among the population for 48 years!

There is no big police presense on every corner of Cuba.. please, I was just there 2 years ago, there is less "visible" police presence in even Havana than most US cities. Of course, the people are repressed and afraid to speak up, but also many believe (or have been brainwashed) by the revolution. They want it, they are mad and want products but they love/hate the beard.. go to cuba ask the people - its a mixed bag.

He and certainly Che are not seen as devils as you guys in Miami see them. How do you reconcile this? Do you think the real cubans will just magically change their thinking after Fidel dies. No, there will be more misguided worship of Che and then of coure the corpse of fidel .