27 September 2007

A Morning Chuckle

So a man gets an e-mail. It's a Cuba News Alert. It says Ailing Fidel may be the butt of jokes -- but the legendary .... Its from the Toronto Sun. The Man reluctantly clicks. He knows whats coming ..and ode the Worlds Favorite Comandante....

The Page loads...

He Reads...

He laughs...

He's dumbfounded...

First line:

HAVANA -- Fidel is alive! Fidel is alive!

"When is it going to be our turn to live?" jokes one Cuban upon seeing Fidel Castro appearing for the first time on TV last week since his illness.

And at the end:

Which brings up another joke I heard: A man dies and goes to heaven. After about a week, he says to God, this is boring and God says, no problem, go down and try hell for a week, come back and tell me where you want to spend eternity. In hell, the man finds a room full of beautiful Cuban women, a humidor of the best Cuban cigars, a bar stocked with Havana Club 15-year-old rum and advises God "I am going to stay in hell."
But when he arrives back in hell, he is greeted by devils with fire all around them, holding pitch forks which were being thrust into his backside. "What happened?" he yelled. "It seems different."
"Well," says one of the devils. "The experience you enjoyed last week was for ourists. This is how it is for residents."

.Again everybody laughs but the irony is not lost on them.

The middle is not bad either except for one sentence blaming the US for Cuba's poverty.

read it here


rsnlk said...

Wow. That's a different tone.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Why does the media always have to blame the US for Cuba's lack of wealth? Wealth is created by human labor plus land. It doesn't require a U.S. anything. Fidel has ties the workers hands then blamed us. Every time the media does this it aptly demonstrates their complete ignorance of all things economic.