20 September 2007

Nothing to Export

It’s the yearly event we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the “National Let’s End The Embargo” event.

Frankly, I get more excited about International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

So all the full court press about ending the sanctions is on in the form of “articles” that are designed to appeal to the ego centric, guilt ridden self loathing of the American psyche.

So I’m reading one of these “pieces” in the Herald and I could not believe what I was reading:

Though Cuba's economy is small -- close to the size of that of the Mexican city of Guadalajara

The City of Guadalajara!

This means that Cuba has no ecomomy. It’s a charity case.

the Cuban economy doesn't have a lot of productive sectors, it has to import about $10 billion a year in goods.

It seems the most important Cuban export is Cubans. Castro exports Doctors and other professionals to other ideologically bankrupt regimes in the area for hard currency and exports exiles that see no choice but to send money back to Cuba to help their relatives survive as they are held hostage.

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Fidel pro democracy said...

For that reason I would end the embargo and see what the heck are they going to do, first they dont have tourist facilities to acomodate US tourist, not to acomodate or feed cuban exiles returning and nothing to sell. It will be caos.