25 September 2007

The Chinese Food Time Machine

Do not eat Chinese food before you take a nap.

That’s what I did ,which resulted in a frightful nightmare.

I dreamt it was 2026.

I was sitting in a government clinic waiting to see my government assigned primary care medical assistant to see if my symptoms were severe enough to warrant a visit to the government’s physician compound in nearby Plantation.

The heat in the clinic was turned down so low that I had to wear my coat and my gloves indoor. Ever since oil hit $200 a barrel, the government had mandated that all thermostats be kept at 68 degrees F from April to October and at 62 degrees F from November to March.

The Holographic projector had news about the glaciers that were now reaching as far South as New York State. Scientists were arguing on how long the new Ice Age was going to last.

The US was preparing to celebrate its 250th year of independence under threats from the Socialist Party to launch massive protests against the racist, chauvinist, imperialist white slave owning founding fathers that created the US in order selfishly lower their tax rates and make money by taking over the world in an imperialistic orgy unparalleled in human history.

President Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, was threatening to veto the repeal of Fur Use bill.

And worst of all … Cuba had released the latest Fidel video.

Whatever you do, do not eat chinese food before you take a nap.


Alex said...

Hahahahaha good one..Hold the MSG please

Jose Aguirre said...

Te la comiste! No more Chinese food for you!!!

Anonymous said...

You redneck right wingers are totatlly totally delusional , minds made of mush.

El Gusano said...

well, at least we have a sense of humor, Jose.

St. Jose said...

ja ja ja ja já! Tremendo compadre, muy bueno...

Además, es la verdad, esa imagen muestra que el cagalitroso no es más que una momia.