20 May 2007

Everyone's Fool

I've spent quite a bit of time at Cuba Nostalgia this weekend.

I was warned by Prieto that at some point, the love, respect, and yes, nostalgia that the visitors to the event have for Cuba would eventually melt my cold, cold, heart and tears would flow. The day is still young.

It is touching to see second and third generation Cubans alongside those who knew Cuba, BC walking around with a sense of pride in their culture.

Leave it to the Miami Herald to go out to Cuba Nostalgia, describe the "Malecon" as a pier and find a family that is "nobody's fool" because they have "evolved" to the point where a royal palm tree is just tree. I guess I'm just everyone's fool.
Maria Werlau from the Cuban Archives had dropped of some forms for relatives and friends of the Castro Tyranny victims to fill out to document their deaths.
A man and his mom stopped by the booth to buy some Miami Mafia shirts and the man asked about the forms. When I told them what they were the woman became very agitated out and started screaming no, no and backing away. The son told me that her brother had been killed.
It was very emotional and I was trying to tell the woman that even though it was painful, it needed to be documented.
They left.
A few hours later , the son came back and explained that she was visiting from Cuba.
How many more stories lay buried in the hearts of long suffering mothers, sisters, fathers, sons, brothers, etc..that will never get out?
It's enough to make you cry and I did.


Marta said...

Eres un bon-bon.
Sorry. your cover is blown.
Welcome to the famiy.=D

El Gusano said...

I've been outed

Robert said...

It was great meeting you at CN.


Jeez, that story about the woman visiting from the island covered me in goose bumps.