18 May 2007


The Regime has just announced that it is going to spend $185 million to upgrade more than 200 resorts, golf courses, marinas and other amenities to try recapture some of the lost tourism.

It would probably be more beneficial for the regime to invest some of this money into paying the Cuban tourism workers a fair wage as an incentive for workers to provide better service so that the tourists would return.

But, given their “revolutionary” economic theories, they continue to treat the Cuban worker as a second class citizen in his own country catering to the needs of visiting foreigners who enjoy things that a Cuban, regardless of how hard he or she may work, has no hope of ever enjoying.

The regime's priority continues to be to exploit the Cuban worker, to squeeze every cent possible out of the tourist so that the corrupt nomenklatura that runs the tourist industry can continue to enrich themselves:

Many international visitors complain that Cuba is excessively expensive, especially because of a tax on required currency exchanges.

Most people who live in a free market system, will not return to a place where they feel they were being ripped off. Since in Cuba the ripping off is official, event more resistance exists.

Totalitarians do not understand the concept of voting, much less voting with your wallet.


Charlie Bravo said...

That's very interesting....
What about investing that money in getting the hell out of Cuba? The Cuban people and the foreign visitors to Cuba will be eternally grateful if the junta leaves!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

What a crock! Everybody knows the Cuban government doesn't have that kind of money just laying around. They'd be lucky if they took up a collection to have 185 bucks on hand!