10 May 2007

Cuban Healthcare in Stitches

Upon reading CB’s sad yet erotic story about the Cuban health care system, I started to reminisce about my own brushes with the Cuban medical system.

Like most everything else in my life in Cuba, my story is pathetic funny.

I developed a cavity on one of my baby teeth, so I had to get it pulled. So, they dragged me to the “policlinico” to get the tooth yanked and they wound up pulling the wrong one.

After that, I kept getting horrible sore throats and the doctors told my parents that I needed to have my tonsils removed to which my father replied “Are you crazy? You may take out his appendix instead!”

But there was this one nurse…….

Anyway, check out this video of a tourist getting his stitches removed.

The lack of modern equipment and hygiene are astounding for the XXI century, but I really admire the professional attire on the nurse..


A Short visual tour of Cuba's Free and Universal "Healthcare" System:


Charlie Bravo said...

Ah, I've gotta get to the office to check on that!!!!
My god, your story is kinda scary, one can go for the tonsils and have his balls removed!!!!

Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, when they are good and professional and they look that proud and that great in their uniforms you can be reassured that the nurse is tremenda gusana... Tiene cara de gusana!
We played that in the bus in Cuba: guess who is gusano? and one day an old man whom we were playing the joke on, turned around and tap me in the chest and said: oye, cabroncito, que cara de ser tremendo gusano tienes!!!! the whole gang of teens burst in laughter....

El Gusano said...

That's right! and you would seek out and only deal with gusanos because they were decent. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Charlie Bravo said...

Exactly, my circle was composed exclusively of proven gusanos....