22 May 2007

Of Subs and Docs

Ever the imperialist exploiter, Granma op-ed. writer Fidel is upset with the UK spending $395 Billion to build a new fleet of Astute class submarines:

Castro said Cuba could train 75,000 doctors, treat 150 million people or build 3,000 polyclinics in poor countries for the cost of the four submarines Britain is building.

Of course Castro could get a lot of hard currency for these 75,000 doctors who he would send to work as indentured servants to poor countries which he’s trying to infect with the incurable virus of his ideology.

Castro never wishes to have money in order to make the lives of Cubans better, his priority is always to export his twisted world view and philosophy at the expense of the Cuban people.

Interestingly, Cuba just announced that it’s spending nearly half of that $385 Million to spruce up its sagging tourism industry. Again, it’s all about hard currency for the caudillo.

One wonders how much Cuba spends on its military- A military that exists only to subjugate and oppress the Cuban citizen and how many plates of rice and beans this monumental waste of money could provide.

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