24 May 2007

Crocodile Tears?

Spain to advocate for jailed

Trinidad Jiménez, who is in charge of Latin American affairs for Spain’s foreign ministry is in Washington meeting with US Diplomats.

She said that:

Madrid will press Cuba to allow the Red Cross to visit political prisoners.

And I am writing Spanish Prime Miniter Zapatero a letter urging him to stop supporting Castro.

I expect my letter to meet the same fate as the Spanish request.

At a press conference during Moratinos’ visit to Cuba, when asked about political prisoners, Felipe Perez Roque, the Cuban Foreign Minister, said that Cuba didn’t have any political prisoners, just US-paid mercenaries. That is the regime’s story. And if you know anything about the truth challenged Cuban regime, you know they’re sticking to it.

The Zapatero government’s role in this is to do everything possible to promote the stability of the Castro regime, mostly for business reasons, but also for ideological ones as well. Jiménez has admitted as much.

In the concern for stability Spain has much common ground with the US whose main concern is preventing another “Mariel”.

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