17 May 2007

Overlooking Raul?

Overlooking Raul?

With big brother Fidel relegated to op-ed. Writer and greeter meter of deep pocketed dignitaries, the free market is already looking past Raul’s reign to a new land of market opportunities.

According to the Sun-Sentinel consumer surveys will now be conducted in Cuba quarterly to gage the average Cuban’s :

… ownership of household items, such as refrigerators, cars and phones. It will study awareness and use of products in 50 categories such as shampoos, detergents and pasta. It will look at buying habits, such as frequency of shopping trips. And it will study brand awareness…

"With this study, many U.S. companies will be able for the first time to attain a basic understanding of the average Cuban family," Gaither executive Beatriz Castro said.

Read it here.

Surely, these are good signs that change is coming to Cuba sooner rather than later, but I still think that looking past Raul as if he were some insignificant blip on the radar screen may be a little too optimistic. That bastard, has a few miles left on his tyranny tank.

..and not to sound too much like Charlie Bravo, but maybe the American companies should be more worried about what the free Cubans will manufacture and import to the US rather than what they’re going to import…….

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