23 May 2007

The Green Revolution..

You never know with liars like Fidel.

They say one thing do the opposite, say something else.
The man once boasted that his revolution was as green as Cuba's palms only to turn it as red as the blood of its patriots.


For the first time since July 31, we may be seeing that the revo-reign of terror is going in the opposite direction of the ideas of its sage and architect.

Castro, now being relegated to being a blogger in Granma, (no offense meant to bloggers), wrote a series of posts ranting about the nefarious plan by the empire and Brazil to starve billions by turning food to ethanol fuel.

Ever the humanitarian, Castro had this to say on his blog:

"The dangers to the environment and the human species are topics on which I have been mediating for years," Castro wrote. "What I never imagined was the immense risk."

Now, we learn that:

The island plans to upgrade 11 of its 17 refineries, which produce up to 47 million gallons annually of ethanol from sugar cane, said Conrado Moreno, a member of Cuba's Academy of Sciences.

The refineries currently produce alcohol for use in rum and other spirits, as well as medications and cooking on the island. But the improvements will give Havana the capacity to one day produce fuel for cars, Moreno told reporters at a conference on renewable energy.

In the recent agreement between the USA and Brazil – the one that sparked Castro’s environmental and humanitarian concerns- both countries agreed to standardize ethanol production adhering to international standards so that it can be traded as a commodity like oil.

Cuba, after criticizing the agreement between the US and Brazil, is obviously gearing up to take full advantage of the emerging market for ethanol.

Unfortunately, Cuba’s ability to produce a cane crop diminishes by the year hampered by the inefficiencies of its socialist command economy and the corruption and ineptitude of its leaders.

In Cuba, it’s just like 1984. Both the book and the year.
It’s “Retro-Orwellian”.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The reality is - for the health of the Cuban people it is better to ANYTHING with sugarcane than eat it. Nothing but empty calories. Too much and nerve damage occurs. Tremors... And don't forget the epidemic of sugar diabetes in Cuba tragically increasing everyday.

Charlie Bravo said...

Es el agua con azucar de cuando el hambre aprieta!

Alfredo said...

The apartheid dictator has a blog? what's it called: How I screwed the Cuban people?