24 May 2007

Italy's Radical Party Lends a Hand

Remember the Italians who marched with the Ladies in White during the Black Spring commemorations?

Well, they were members of Italy's Radical Party. Italy's Radical Party is committed to a free Cuba.

This from their website:
It was difficult finding the little house where the Damas de Blanco - Women in White - were waiting for me. They had been protesting outside their church that day about their husbands’ and sons’ imprisonment in 2003 for crimes against the state. A token 75 political activists had been rounded up.

The Women were eager to talk, eager to know my opinion about what happens next in Cuba. I had come to find out, and to hear more of the conditions their menfolk were being kept in.

My visit to Cuba on a tourist visa was organised by Vaclav Havel’s committee for democracy. I had come to examine how the £100 million EU democracy fund I set up aimed at the transformation of the ex-Soviet bloc could help Cuba.

The Women told me of the unlit, fetid cells, the filthy food, the lack of medical care at prisons hundreds of miles from their families – and far from the remaining political activists in Havana.
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