08 May 2007

We've Got Mail!

The world leader of the “Blame America For Everything Cult” got a Yahoo account.

Rather than sending one of his epistles to his disciple Chavez, complete with signature so his disciple can show proof of life, Castro is now e-mailing his editorials straight to his foreign press service the Associated Parrots.

According to Castro’s Crystal Clear Revolutionary Logic, the United States is to blame for the attempted hijacking of a charter airliner to freedom by a few Cuban draftees last week.

And somehow, the fact that Posada-Carriles was released on bail triggered the hijacking which was:

"a consequence of freeing the monster of terror."

Castro is also quoted as saying these choice words:

"The impunity and the material benefits that have been rewarded for nearly half a century for all violent action against Cuba stimulate such acts,"

"It only takes the stunning liberation of a known terrorist and death again is visited upon our homes,"

Please read the words carefully. Did the reportedly mentally unstable bearded one attach a piece of his autobiography in his e-mail to reporters by mistake?

Because it did take a stunning liberation of a known terrorist, Castro, by Batista for death to visit our homeland and start a 50 year orgy of violence against Cuba by a gang of thugs that have been rewarded materially for their crimes.

….Just a thought….


Charlie Bravo said...

e-mailing? That proofs that he's not writing those pieces of crapjournalism. He is well known to work with ball pens, sign with stylographics, and write on legal pads, he prefers the ones favored by American lawyers, pale yellow, long format.

El Gusano said...

lets assume he is writing..just for fun..can you imagine being the person that has to assist him? hehehe

Charlie Bravo said...

I guess that you and I would enjoy that kind of stunt. I mean, can you imagine what we actually TYPE instead of all his crap???
Meaning, we would earn the guy a comedic gig at Vegas!

Ziva said...

I emailed them asking if they would publish an email from Hitler criticizing the US war effort circa 1944. I'm not expecting an answer.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

We just got to quit making such a nice country here in the US to quit being such a tempting destination for Cubans. Maybe if we burn all of our toilet paper?