27 May 2007

Reflections of a Gusano

El Comandante is sounding more like a leftist American blogger everyday.

Perhaps he’s beginning to realize that he’s not needed nor wanted in his island prison and is hoping to be offered a job as a blooger at the Dality Kos or the Huffington Post. Perhaps he’s even a little worried that the Cuban information minister, Ramiro Valdez, may start to censor his reflections since lately his writings have contradicted the regime’s policies.

He needs to step up his anti-Bush anti-America rhetoric if he stands a chance.

In his latest reflections, Fidel calls W an

… apocalyptic person ... He only expresses emotions and constantly feigns rationality.

That's good, but he's boing to have to call him the village idiot and a liar, if he's going to have any success an American Left-Wing blogger.

He ponders the fate of humanity and the horrors of war:

Whom are they going to convince now that the thousands of nuclear weapons in their possession, the missiles and the precise and exact delivery systems they have developed are just to combat terrorism?

This from the guy who was ready to sacrifice every man woman and child in Cuba and most of the planet by plunging the world into a thermonuclear war between the US and the old USSR and who started “revolutionary” wars in Latin America and Africa causing thousands to loose their lives.

And yet as you read the faithful parroting of the Comandante’s reflections on the news wires and on pages of the nation’s newspapers, one never sees any mention of Castro’s own apocalyptic and war mongering past.
So I guess he doesn't really need to write for a leftist blog, since his "reflections" make it most of the nation's newspapers verbatim and unchallanged.

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