11 May 2007

Spain's Shame: Cuba's Pain

Well, barring some unforeseen last minute miracle it seems that the socialist Zapatero government has succeeded in its mission to prop up the Cuban regime in the European Union for at least another six months.

These would-be egalitarian socialists have no problem with the Cuban “Creoles” being less equal than they are. As long as they continue to get tax revenues from the profits made by the Spanish companies that are exploiting the Cuban workers to subsidize their social programs, - As long as they can take their month vacation and go to Cuba and stay in Hotels that the “colonials” can never enjoy, As long as they can “buy” a Cuban girl for a few pesetas, everything’s cool with the Spanish Empire.

Thank Goodness that not all in Spain (PP) and most of Europe have decided to leave their colonialist and imperialist past behind and support freedom and democracy world-wide.

Spain derails EU pro-democracy strategy for Cuba

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The German EU presidency is likely to shelve an EU strategy paper on Cuba that was due to be published next month after a drive by the Czech Republic to insert new "operational ideas" on EU pro-democracy projects in the Caribbean dictatorship lead to Spanish blockage of the document.

"The most likely scenario is that the [EU] council will issue a note praising progress in the work so far. I don't think it will be dropped altogether but it will not be finished in time," an EU official said, with Berlin having planned to publish the Cuba paper at an EU foreign ministers meeting on 18 June.

Meanwhile, Prague-based group People in Need has accused Spain of protecting national commercial interests at the expense of EU values, with Spanish firm Repsol YPF bidding for Cuban oil contracts. Havana's hollow promise on human rights talks and the prisoners gesture is designed to help Madrid sell its ideas in Brussels, the NGO says.

"The EU should be a leading supporter of democracy and human rights in the world, so we wanted Europe to take political steps [on Cuba]," a diplomat from a member state that opposes Spain's position said. He added that the draft strategy paper, in the form acceptable to Madrid, was so devoid of content it became "unusable."

If the Zapatero government's policies infuriate you as much as they do me, do something about it!

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