19 May 2007

Green Cards Red Waters

Immigration reform: a la Charlie Bravo:

“a political compromise to provide both parties' honchos with a continuous supply of gardeners, maids, chauffeurs, cooks and nannies.”

That just about sums it up.

Well, now that there is a “path to citizenship” for those who are free to immigrate from their “imperfect” democracies…(brilliant, CB), it’s time to secure the borders.

And what does that mean for the infamous Wet Foot/Dry Foot policy?

Unfortunately, it means a crackdown on Cubans trying to escape tyranny disguised as a crackdown on human smuggling and border security.

"Somehow, because it's human smuggling, some individuals would like to think that this is something different, perhaps more altruistic or humanitarian. But it's not,"said U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta, chief federal prosecutor in Miami. "The reality is hat these human beings are being killed. They are being killed at the hands of smugglers who do this for profit, not for humanitarian reasons."

Actually, the Cuban refugees are harassed and mistreated by a Coast Guard that is bound and determined to stop Cubans from reaching the land of the free and the home of the brave at any cost - even to the point of cooperating with the Castro Regime:

Stopping human smugglers is one of the few areas in which Havana and Washington cooperate.

And the awful consequences from the persecuting of Cubans fleeing for their lives is, of course, the fault of a policy that rewards reaching dry land.

Critics of U.S. policy toward Cuba question whether stiffer penalties can help reduce human smuggling when those who evade the Coast Guard are rewarded with green cards.

So let’s get ready. In order to protect the oppressed Cubans from the inhumane treatment at the hands of the Castro forces and the American coast guard, the incentive; the reward for reaching freedom ; the unfair advantages that Cubans émigrés are given, have to be stopped by getting rid of the Dry Foot portion of the Wet Foot/ dry Foot portion of the law.

The push is going to be to get rid of the political asylum for Cuban refugees all together, now that the immigration problem has been "fixed"

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Charlie Bravo said...

As I said, those independently minded, highly proud Cubans make better bosses than maids, chauffeurs, gardeners and nannies.
They generally spent a couple of years struggling to make ends meet, but in the process they learn English and get their kids to be overachievers in school, they make as much as a comparable US born American, and hey, they refused to be cajoled into political positions. So, the politicos stop short of eliminating the dry foot wet foot!
Never mind they have to escape communism for their lives, just throw them back into the waters so they don't touch land, and their lives get ruined. In the meantime, there are organizations providing the border-crossers with maps, waterstations, advice, and legal counsel to enter this country illegaly!!!!
Isn't that interesting?