12 May 2007

Matos On Cuba's Future

Huber Matos fought along side the Castros agaisnt Batista. When he complained in a letter to Fidel about the hard left turn that the "revolution" seemed to be taking, they sent Camilo Cienfuegos, his good friend, to arrest him. Cienfuegos dissapeared and Matos wound up in jail.

He now believes that there's a ''command crisis'' in Cuba, pitting members of the ruling class against each other, and hopes that armed forces and interior ministry officials will step in to lead the island toward democracy.

Dissidents ''form the democratic . . . leadership inside Cuba [and] are called upon to play a future role next to those military people who, in due course, opt to follow the changeover,'' he added. ``The Castro model is exhausted and I have faith that democracy in Cuba has a future.''

Audio from The Miami Herald


Charlie Bravo said...

I am always surprised about t his claims that the Armed Forces are not going to repress the people of Cuba. The military big wigs have A LOT to lose, if the time for a change comes. They won't let go that easily. The ones that were in that position of revolting against kasstro were the military brass slaughtered as a result of the Causa 1. Let's not be mistaken, they were doing it because of money, not because of country.
But people still repeat the myth, once and again.
They seem to forget that the military top brass in Cuba is linked to raul by ties of blood -drawn from the Cuban patriots, exclusively.
They are not for the change that can lead to a democratic and free Cuba, if that much, they will be for a change that allows them to mainting the Cuban people under the most horrible slavery, but that at the same time allows them to make the most out of that slavery.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I tell you why I believe this analysis. It is because the regime seems paralyzedly and unable to take decisive action to address any of the pressing needs other than its need to maintain power. We've clearly shown the way to a brighter, more prosperous Cuba. We have extended our hand and offer up our money to help turn the nation around. In reality, there is but a few lucky profiteers in Cuba today like Raul. Everyone else is seeing their livelihood declining more rapidly everyday. Soon someone representing the many will vanquish the few.

El Gusano said...

CB: lot of exiles and even US military on that bandwagon.