21 March 2007

Absurd News

The latest and greatest "news" about Fidel Castro is that he is set to return to power by next month.

Evo Morales, Bolivian president, hinted that he expected Castro to make his triumphant return on April 28 to commemorate the third anniversary of the alternative trade bloc known as the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas.

Last week, Ricardo Alarcon, said that Fidel Castro is in such great shape that he would nominate him again from president in the 2008 elections.


My Gusano mind gets pictures ... of Cuban “elections”

Can you imagine … Castro running for president?

What would a Castro campaign be like?

Carrying the corpse around in a wheelbarrow to give inaudible four minute speeches in his now trademark Adidas suit?

A “camello” tour of the country?

Would he ask people to give him four more decades to fix the food, housing, transportation and economic problems of the island?

Give me another 40 years to get the country back to the way it was 48 years ago;Vote for me!

I brought you food rationing, repression and apartheid!

Only in a country with such an absurd system of government could an 80 year old on death’s door be “elected” president.

And even more absurd for the press to report these ridiculous statements as if they were “news” without pointing out their obvious absurdity.

1 comment:

Jose Aguirre said...

Your castro election campaign theme is really funny! It is absurd to think that in a REALLY FREE election that either castro could get more than 1 % of the vote!