24 March 2007

To Che Or Not To Che?

Tomb of the Unknown Che in Santa Clara, Cuba

The controversy over revolutionary fraud and t-shirt icon, Ernesto Guevara, continues.

It seems that yet another ex-CIA agent Cuban Exile, (I have to admit a little jealousy here since it seems I’m the only Cuban exile never to have been a CIA agent), has come forward to claim that the body buried in Guevara’s grave is not Guevara’s.

The exile, Gustavo Villoldo says he secretly buried the body Guevara’s body along with two fellow rebels in 1967.

When the body which the Cuba regime claims to be Guevara was found, it was in a common grave with 6 other rebels.

"We buried three men that night -- Che and two of his fellow rebels,'' Villoldo said. ``Thirty years later, they start digging and find seven men buried? Dead bodies don't reproduce, they don't multiply.''

According to the Miami Herald, “unclassified CIA documents and Che biographies confirm Villoldo's involvement in the case.”

Villoldo says that he has a lock of the argentine’s hair which could be used to prove whether the body buried in “The Tomb of the Unknown Che” is Guevara or not. In order for DNA tests to be conducted, the Cuban regime would have to agree to an exhumation.
Even if Guevara’s family wanted to have the matter cleared up, and agreed to the exhumation, it would never happen because the revolution even owns your corpse and would never agree to exhuming the body because it would prove the theory that “finding” Guevara’s body and burying it with revolutionary fanfare in the land of his crimes against humanity was a Castroite propaganda event.

Not that it matters. To true revolutionaries, if Fidel says Guevara is buried in that grave, he is. The truth and scientific evidence are just things that a true revolutionary must overcome to remain a member of the Cult of the Absurd that is Castrism.

Villoldo, now 71 and retired says he wants Guevara’s family to know coordinates of Guevara’s real resting place.

“I will give them the coordinates, but only to them, not Castro,'' he said. ``It's only right, I think.''


Actually, he should go to Bolivia and exhume Guevara’s body himself and bring it to Miami, prove that it is him and bury it in a conveniently located spot where we could all go piss on the bastard’s grave.

Some people are just too classy.

Classy Che Barber/Burrier / CIA agent /Exile/ Retired Farmer Villoldo

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