05 March 2007

Can I Have A Cigar With That Whine?

On Friday, It appeared that the regime was instructing is propagandists, apologist and lobbyist to go forth and preach free travel.

The crystal ball at the Contra Revolución’s Headquarters was showing murky images of a campaign to call for an end of travel restrictions by US citizens to Cuba to coincide with a bill introduced in the US Senate for that purpose.

Sunday, Cuba’s Cigar Festival ended and the Sun Sentinel joined in the media blitz (sort of) for unrestricted travel to by relating the compelling story of some poor, over-privileged stogie suckers who feel that it is a gross and unfair violation of their freedom not to be able to travel to Cuba and smoke a good Cuban whenever the mood hits them.

"I hope the Americans open up to Cuba," said Singh, a regular at the annual cigar festival. "I think over a period of time they will open up."

"We come legally through a group, but we can't bring any cigars back," one man said, declining to elaborate. "You don't want to jeopardize the people that sponsored us."

"Take it down," another said of the U.S. embargo. "It doesn't matter if it has worked or not. It's mean-spirited and petty."

"The embargo is ineffective because Europe and Canada are pouring billions into here," another American chimed in.

These quotes pretty much speak for themselves. Hopefully these constitutionalists don’t live in NYC where in a tidal wave of political correctness smoking has been virtually outlawed.

Ray Sanchez, doing his best to get kicked out of the Survivor Island, ends the article this way:

The festival included bus trips to one of the island's main tobacco-growing regions in the western province of Pinar del Rio. Jesus Menendez, 39 and a father of two, has been working in one of the plantations for four years. When asked how much he earned, his boss, standing nearby, quickly interrupted. "Nine hundred pesos," the boss said, or about $40, almost four times the salary for most state workers.

"Nine hundred pesos," Menendez repeated. "But I can't wait until the end of the month to get paid. I ask for an advance every couple of days. Times are tough." Asked if he ever smoked a Habanos, Menendez smiled. "Never tasted one. I can't. That's for the people over there," he said, pointing to the foreigners taking the tour.

Interesting how these American defenders of rule of law and constitutionality who illegally travel to Cuba, do not give a rat’s ass about the rights of the Cubans who, as slaves captive in an island plantation, labor to make sure that foreigners have a fresh, aromatic Habanero to suck on that they themselves can never hope to smoke because of Cuba's inmoral apartheid system.

What would Freud say?

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Anonymous said...

No tienes los necesarios cojones para poner tu nombre y apellido en la pagina de tu blog?

Eres un gusano comemierda.

El Gusano said...

esta bien , "anonimo".

sin cojones, pero sin amo.

Anonymous said...

gusano descojonao

Anonymous said...

what would Freud say about the hard line jerks who seem to be stuck in 'anal' phase for 50 years. who cares?

I understand your point about tourists in Cuba BUT almost the same dynamic exisits in all third world countries.. If you go to Peru your waiter makes in one month what your steak costs! In mexico the same..

In hati, your flight from Miami to Hati is average wage for 6 months.. whats your point. Okay, cuba needs freedome of expression, I agree

BUT ITS A THIRD WORLD , its NOT MIAMI.. you can't compare it to that you ignorant red-neck.. how can cuban-americans be red-necks.. never knew latins could be red-neck hicks, but I was in Miami recently and sure enourgh the old cuban community that lives there do seem like red neck hicks (besides their style of dress).. you couldn't make it in real cosmopolitan communities such as NY city, DC, Paris, Madrid, London , they would laugh at your silliness and vengefulness

El Gusano said...


insults aside, you seem pretty perceptive, but angry. did your life partner leave you for a Cuban?

the difference between Cuba and other 3rd world countries aside from the fact that Castro turned Cuba into a 3rd world country, is that in Cuba , Cubans are prohibited by law from traveling, associating with tourists and from attending tourists atractions in their own country.

hahaha Cuban rednecks. thats actually true.