21 March 2007

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

Whenever allegations are made against the malicious actions of Cuba’s communist regime, the Heralds are always quick to find someone in the long a queue of experts to enlighten and rebuff those of us who have experienced the regime’s nefarious deeds firsthand.

Recently a FAR defector, Roberto Ortega, has claimed that Cuba is weaponizing biological agents at secret facilities.

Never mind, that Ortega names names, places and times; those are just eyewitness, first-hand accounts. Never mind that Cuba is the Hemisphere’s only military dictatorship. Never mind that Cuba has spread instability and revolution throughout the world. Never mind that the Cuban regime trains and abets terrorists. Those are mere facts, folks. You know, the kind of things that are stand up in court.

Experts don’t need no stinking facts. Not when there’s conjecture. Not when you can put two and two together and get zero.

According to Phil Peters in the Nuevo Herald, we should not worry about Cuba’s WMD threat because:

The US government doesn’t seem worried about the Cuban WMD program.

Besides, US intelligence was wrong about Iraq’s WMD program.

So the same intelligence geniuses that thought the Iraqui WMD’s were a slam dunk, aren’t concerned about Cuba’s WMD program. Let’s see, if A=B, and B=C, then A=…holy crap! Go get some duct tape and sheet plastic! Because logic dictates they’re wrong.

Another reason not to worry is because Cuba didn’t make it to the “Axis of Evil”. Based, of course, on the afore-mentioned intelligence geniuses, If a=b, and…never mind …unless you’re a Cuba expert, you get it by now.

According to Peters, yet another reason not to worry is because Ana Montes said so. Since the US government hasn’t publicly refuted any of Cuban spy Ana Montes’ Cuban threat assessments, she must have been telling the truth about Havana while spying for them. Stay with the expert here, it’s tricky…if A≠B and B≠C, then A ………….is a sieve that doesn't hold any water.

There’s also the wet/foot dry/foot policy, where wet footed “migrants” turn into dry footed “refugees” once they make it to land. Peters argues that if Cuba were actually a threat the US,the US would not give Cubans special privileges that it doesn’t give other immigrants trying to sneak into the US. I agree with Peters on this one. Never, ever, would Border Patrol Agents in , lets say, the southern border with Mexico be allowed to water cannon, pepper spray and shoot machine guns at immigrants like it is customarily done in the waters of the Land of the Free and the Home of Brave.

The last reason why we shouldn’t worry about the Cuban biological weapon threat is too good of a sarcastic and cynical dig at Bush’s foreign policy to refute:

No negotiations. In return for a promise to cap its nuclear program, North Korea will receive fuel oil and direct talks with Washington that could lead to normalized relations. Similarly, Iran has been offered rewards for ending its nuclear ambitions. In the Cuban case, the administration seeks no talks and does not pursue Ortega's recommendation that international inspectors go to Cuba. Apparently, the administration sees nothing to talk about.

That’s funny.

But all these allegations about Cuban WMD's starting surfacing out after the North Korean Deal. Like Cuban blogger Killcastro pointed out, maybe Raul is setting the stage for negotiations.....

Folks, I ain’t no "expert", but I do know the Castro regime has no bounds and no respect for human life. They have the capability, technology and the will to manufacture and weaponize biological weapons. They will do whatever it takes. This is the same crowd that was willing to sacrifice all of Cuba in a nuclear confrontation. I know that was back before many of you were born, but, remember, things in Cuba haven't changed much since 1962. They are committed and they play for keeps. And that is always something to worry about.


Val Prieto said...

I used to think Peters was naive. Now I know he has no clue.

Fidel pro democracy said...

If somebody think that they have it, most likely they do, I don't trust this people, remember in 1962 if it was up to him, he would has nuke the US and there is only one thing that has not change in this equation: Is the same Castro just older and probably more bitter.