02 March 2007

Vamos a Cuba? Update

On Feb 06, 2007. several articles , op-eds and editorials were published nationwide calling for the end of the "embargo".

I know you paranoid , extremist Miami Mafia types that read this blog probably think that it was a coordinated effort by Castro sympathising apologists triggered by orders from Havana. But, it was just a coincidence.

Today we learn a bill was introduced to lift all travel restrictions to the quaint little tropical paradise:

Enzi introduces Cuba travel bill
By Gazette News ServicesWASHINGTON

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., is co-sponsoring a bill that would remove all restrictions for Americans traveling to Cuba.Nine other senators are co-sponsoring the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act."If we want to give the Cuban people a taste of the real America, we need to allow Americans to go there and share it," Enzi said in a release."Unilateral sanctions stop not just the flow of goods, but the flow of ideas - ideas of freedom and democracy are the keys to positive change in any nation."

The bill's other sponsors are Sens. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.; Max Baucus, D-Mont.; Larry Craig, R-Idaho; Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.; Tom Harkin, D-Iowa; Chuck Hagel, R-Neb.; Russell Feingold, D-Wis.; Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; and Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M.

Coincidentally, this op-ed travel piece hits the news wires.

I wonder if we're in store for any more coincidences in the next couple of days?

Update:Wow! what a coincidence! (via Child of The Revolution)

In the latest MiMegasite.com poll, nearly 100 planners weighed in on whether they'd consider Cuba as a possible meeting destination if the U.S. travel ban was lifted by Congress. And the results were a bit surprising:

When asked if they would consider Cuba for a meeting in the first year that the ban was lifted, beyond the first year the ban was lifted, or not at all, fully 41 percent said not at all. This compares to 24 percent who said that they would consider Cuba in the first year the ban was lifted, and another 34 percent who said they would wait at least a year before considering Cuba.

Que Casualida, Caballero


Val Prieto said...

Democrats control congress. Are you surprised?

El Gusano said...

what's really surprising is that there's quite a few R's up next to that bill. Aren't we Mafiosi supposed to be in control of the Repuclican'ts?

Val Prieto said...


There have always been a few R's in the lift the embargo crowd. None from Florida, I can assure you.

El Gusano said...

Yeah! even the Dem in my district wont vote for that.

Jose Reyes said...

This is so much of a surprise, who are these politicians? Now they are so concerned about Cuba. It really pisses me off so MUCH!! So Americans can go to Cuba on vacation and what about the Cuban people????? They can't come over here on vacation??? So Americans can take a cruise to Cuba but if any Cuban citizen is intercepted on their way to the United States, they are sent back like dogs. What the hell is that!! It's a one-way agreement! Give me a break!!! I thought the USA was the enemy to the Castro regime, now they're not? 48 years people, Democrats and Republicans, and nothing!!! What about the Cuban people in Cuba, they don't count???

El Gusano said...

This will never pass. But its so interesting the influence Havana has on US politics. But lets say it passed, Cuba would control it and make most of the $$$$. Would this mean that I could hop on my boat and go visit my cousins ? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Democracy! I have a right to free travel and movement.

and most americans woulnd't vote for the embargo,(if they knew there even was one).

"The Supreme Court has found that the ability to travel freely across the borders of the United States is a right protected by the First and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution. Former Supreme Court Justice William Douglas described freedom of movement as "the very essence of our free society, setting us apart.... it often makes all other rights meaningful."
ENCASA rules!

Anonymous said...

To refresh your thinking. Is this democratic process?

From the conserverative lexington institute (if you guys even read).


President Bush Courts Old Miami
Oct 16, 2003

Anonymous said...

Its not just the left, the right (the thinking/intelligent right) also is against the embargo, especially the travel ban.

From the ultra conservative

Hoover institue


Anonymous said...

and the ultra right

CATO institute


End the Travel Ban to Cuba

El Gusano said...

Sheesh anon:

I thought you said you just got back from Cuba with your black Cuban wife?

It must be pretty bad for a Castro lover like you to have to resort to quoting the CATO inst to make a ponit, ;)

the point of this blog is for Cubans to have the freedom to travel freely anywhere in the world they please. But they aren't allowed. Why do you think that is?

but thanks for your weekly visit.