30 March 2007

The Church of Mother Earth

Back on March 10, when the phrase “carbon footprint” was flying around faster than W was flying in and out of Latin American capitals with Chavez hissing behind him like a deranged Bolivarian venomous serpent, I marveled that the left was more interested in denouncing Bush than in embracing a milestone ethanol deal with Lula. The protesting against the US-Brazilian pact reminded me of a quote I had read from Czech President Vaclav Klaus :

"Environmentalism should belong in the social sciences," much like the idea of communism or other "-isms" such as feminism, Klaus said, adding that environmentalism is a religion" that seeks to reorganize the world order as well as social behavior and value systems worldwide.

In light of yesterday’s “editorial” by Castro, it is becoming increasingly obvious that “environmentalism” is the new “ism” whose purpose is to suppress individual freedom and institute a collective world-wide tyranny in the name of Mother Earth.

A New Religion:

The new high priests of the Church of Mother Earth, like Castro, wrap their sermons in euphemistic “for the common good” platitudes. They offer no real solutions other than return to the simpler times of communal living. And yet, you never see any of them joining the ranks of the Amish. In the new religion of environmentalism, the rugged individualism and the independent freedom of that uniquely American world-view are considered the new Satan. And the church’s vision of hell is a global warmed planet with rising seas and failing crops caused by the greed of the consumer economies of the west, especially America.

They preach a hell on Earth. Castro the high priest, has already created one.

The cardinal sins of the new religion are individual freedom, free markets, solutions and progress. Salvation lies in collective misery, hopelessness and despair. No wonder leftists view Cuba as a paradise!

If the Church of Mother Earth really believed what it preaches, it would be happy that the US is looking towards renewable and more Earth-friendly energy solutions. But no, they denounce those efforts. These efforts by the US, will keep Americans leading free and productive lives and that is progress. It would also free the US from the oil-based tyranny of the Iranians, Venezuelans, Saudis and Russians. Where would the money come then to fund all the enemies of civilization?

Make no mistake, the goal of the Church of Mother Earth, is not to save the planet, but to destroy the West, freedom and progress and set up earthly “paradises” like the one in Cuba.


Fidel pro democracy said...

If a have to live in a "cuban paradise" again I'll be moving to mars!!!

El Gusano said...

fidel: asere, tremenda balsa para irse pa marte. la balsa intergalactica!

Jungle Mom said...

Very well put! thanks for he comment on my blog. Yes, we are making our own paradise here in Hugoslavia as well!