09 March 2007

Wet Doctor/ Dry Doctor

Jorge Toledo, a Cuban physician, and his wife, Leticia Viamonte, an ophthalmologist,
are among the Cuban doctors stuck in Colombia.(Fernando Vergara / Associated Press)

The LA times (via the Sun Sentinel) sheds light on the Cuban Doctor’s Asylum program fiasco via the Sun Sentinel.

While we applaud the administration’s attempt to free the Cuban Missionary Doctors from their indentured servitude, but we condemn the lack of an effective plan to live up to the promise of asylum made by last summer’s invitation.

What seems to be the root of the problem , according to local sources, is that the Cuban doctor’s program are very popular in the host countries. In the host countries doctors and other health care professionals who have invested a lot of time and money in an education, don’t want to practice in impoverished, remote and or dangerous areas and since the host countries have at least some vestiges of human rights, the native doctors cannot be forced to work there. Cuban doctors, like all Cubans are slaves to the Cuban regime so they are sent to do the work that natives wont do. Providing Havana with hard currency and propaganda. The American diplomats stationed in embassies in the host countries don’t want to starin relation with the hosts government so they are “reluctant” “hesitant” and “less than cooperative in Cuban Doctors asylum cases.

U.S. leaves Cuban physicians in limbo

BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA — Family practitioner Alberto Hernandez suffers anxiety attacks. Dentist Norah Garcia is prone to bouts of uncontrollable sobbing.
General practitioner Cesar Fernandez, 31, has high blood pressure.

They are among the tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, surgeons and dentists
dispatched from their Cuban homeland as medical missionaries to some of the world's poorest countries, in the process earning hard currency for the communist regime. But instead of providing much-needed healthcare, they have been caught up in a wider struggle between leftist Latin American leaders and the Bush aministration.

Last summer, the administration announced that any Cuban medical professional sent abroad was eligible for political asylum. Frustrated with their efforts in a program that took them to Venezuela's barrios, or hoping to start a new life in the United States, dozens of Cuban healthcare professionals sneaked across the Colombian border.

Now they're holed up in Colombia, unable to work, while U.S. authorities mull
whether to accept them as political refugees.

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Charlie Bravo said...

They are lucky the Government is not sending them back to Cuba, as they are doing with the balseros. Another unfulfilled promise... I smell "election" wild card here....

El Gusano said...

yes. they are lucky. maybe they'll shoot them if they try to cross the border. i think that state dep't employees (do embassies fall under state dep't?) do whatever the hell they want.their own foreign policy.leftist a-holes.
we're pissing up trees and screaming in an echo chamber.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

What idiots! These guys are doctors! If Bush won't do anything why aren't the democrats? Aren't we supposed to be having some kind of health care crisis. In case these do-good morons in the US government hadn't realized - doctors are the bread and butter of health care.

Charlie Bravo said...

I don't know if you guys remember when people didn't want the Cuban doctors to come to New Orleans: we at KillCastro came with another approach, "let them in, and we will help them defect". Did kasstro really wanted that? I didn't believe so. But no, there was more banter against them, "as instruments of communism" than anything else. They should have been allowed into the USA, and now, well, the problem is that we are in fear of a "mass migration" remember? and many of the doctors are surely BLACK!!!! That's what those assholes are thinking. In the meantime, the government promised to help them, and now is playing a Pontius Pilates on them.
Let's realize one thing: we are in the middle of a government sponsored ANTICUBAN HYSTERIA. Why?
Maybe A LOT OF OFFICIALS owe favors to the kasstros. Maybe the nephews of kasstro in the Hill don't want more Cubans here.... Why are they silent?

El Gusano said...

we should have called castro's bluff.
we are also victims of anti-hispanic-immigration hysteria (racism)
playing Pontios Pilate: brilliant!

Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, we called the bluff when Katrina hit, and then when Cuba was buffetted by a couple of hurricanes just after that.
Let's see what happens with these doctors.
One keeps of hearing that there's no more room for Cubans in Florida as if Florida were so small or as if Cubans ONLY wanted to settle in Florida.
Again, the reason for what Cubans desperately leave Cuba is still in place, and nothing has been done to effectively remove that reason, which is the tyranny of the kasstros.

El Gusano said...

i mean we should havetod castro. ok go ahead and send them. he never would have.
these docs have wided up and now get immigration lawyers before they defect. so they will all be allowed in unless they are suspected of being spies

Charlie Bravo said...

That's exactly what we said....

El Gusano said...

actually, your idea f resettling wet foot cubans in NOLA makes sense. a win/win for everybody.

Charlie Bravo said...

That's exactly why NOBODY in the spheres of power answered to it Gusano, it made TOO MUCH sense!