01 March 2007

And then there were two.....

Last year some Cuban refugees managed to reach the US. They landed on part of the old 7-Mile bridge in the keys. The Coast Guard decided that since the old bridge was not connected to the mainland the refugees did not cualify for "dry -foot" status and shiped them back to Castro's tropical concentration camp.

Since then a judge ruled that the Coast Guard's wet foot theory didn't hold any water and that the refugees did in fact reach the US. Too late for the refugees.

Of the 15 involved in the illegal deportation, 13 have braved the Florida Straights again in search for freedom.

Two remain on the island. One hoping to leave Cuba through a visa, the other is incarcerated.

The Sun-Sentinel has the story Here.

The Tribune Company has pleasently surprised me. I had expexted the Sun Sentinel to start giving us a steady diet of candy - coated fluff pieces from Cuba. But, even after having lost one of its fine reporters, Gary Marx, for telling the truth, Ray Sánchez continues to give us the facts.

hmmmm. humble pie tastes so bitter.....

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