20 March 2007

Cuba Ruffles Feathers at UN "Human Rights" Council Henhouse

This interesting article from New Zeland:

Cuba rattles powers of UN rights body

With this this gem of a paragraph:

Cuba is leading a bid by a number of countries to strip the Human Rights Council of its power to investigate and condemn violations, a move some activists warn could jeopardise the whole UN's credibility.

That’s hysterical. Didn’t the “activists” realize that giving Cuba a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council took all credibility away from the council in the first place? Actually it’s Pathetic. It’s like saying that having unprotected sex with a pregnant woman might make her “pregnanter”.

Since the Cuban Fox is already guarding the UN’s Human Rights Henhouse, it is leading the raid into the henhouse to silence the UN cackling Hens by getting rid of 13 special “rapporteurs” that probe Human Rights abuses.

Cuba doesn’t want to allow “rapporteur” to report on Cuba’s Human Rights issues, instead:

Cuba and its allies argue that countries should submit their own reports on their domestic records and that there is no need for intrusive rapporteurs.

Pretzel Logic Boy, Felipe Perez Roque, Cuban Foreign Minister, doesn’t want to hear any confrontational cackling:

"The perpetuation of country-specific mandates, imposed by force and blackmail,
would maintain the spiralling confrontation that did away with the authority and
credibility of the defunct Commission on Human Rights,"

Cuba continues to lose European support for its regime:

The European Union (EU) says that it is fighting to preserve the special procedures, as well as the forum's ability to adopt resolutions condemning countries for the worst violations.

As Prague continues its crusade to hold the Cuban regime accountable for its human rights abuses and lack of democracy at the EU’s Parliament, the whining from Havana gets more shrill and desperate with almost daily attacks on the Czechs in Granma.
And Spain sits quietly by the sidelines urging more "constructive dialogue" which by the way, has had less effect than the so called "embargo" while it sticks it to the Spanish taxpayer.

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Fidel pro democracy said...

The whole UN has gone to the pits, what a sad history, born from the rubbles of WWII, to become such bundle of incompetence, it is a tragedy, shame on all that stand by quietly.