12 March 2007

Cuban Doctor Defection Plan, Success or Failure?

Like everything else, it depends on how you define Success

More on the Cuban Doctor defections from the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald has a different take on the Doctor defection program than I do. They consider the program a success since it has enticed hundreds of Cuban doctors “serving” in third world countries to apply for US entry.

Since some of these Doctors have risked their lives to defect and are still stuck in “limbo”, I won’t consider the program a real success until the process has been further fast tracked and the doctors are safely within US borders.

But any efforts made by any government to help fellow Cubans who are serving as indentured servants is greatly appreciated.

U.S. program for defecting Cuban doctors a success

Hundreds of Cuban doctors and other medical personnel who defected in third countries - - and one magician -- have applied for fast-track U.S. entry under a special program launched six months ago, U.S. officials say.

More than 100 already have arrived in the United States under the program, and hundreds more are hiding in places like Bolivia and Venezuela, awaiting U.S.background checks to ensure they are medical professionals and not rights abusers or Cuban government agents.

Something to be proud of: (definitely not a failure)

South Florida's Cuban American community has been pitching in to help the defectors with guidance and some financial assistance while they await the U.S. entry permits.

One group of Cuban doctors in the United States, created two years ago to help their brethren on the island, has been expanding its program to help doctors who defect third countries and want to enter the United States.

Doctors who defect often wait in safe houses in places like Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Argentina. They receive a small stipend for expenses and relatives in Miami usually pay for their air fare to the United States.

Article Here

Solidaridad sin Fronteras (Solidarity without Borders) website:



Charlie Bravo said...

I will consider a success when we establish an equivalent of the Underground Railroad to save Cubans fleeing the tyranny, no matter what their profession if any might be. Until the roadblock of the wet foot dry foot is removed we will not advance an inch. Unless all those doctors in limbo are not granted asylum in the USA, the progress will be minimal.

El Gusano said...

Agreed. the wetfoot/ dry foot is illegal under the CAA of '66.