14 March 2007

Blogger's Blues

You get up early. It's now pitch black at 5:45. The dogs look puzzled and yawn as they wag their tails. At least somebody is happy to see you.

The news services all have the usual crap. Castro the "Comeback Kid". Maybe he''ll join Bill Clinton and Bush 41 in raising money for some yet to happen catastrophe? Then there's the mandatory daily dose of Cuban-Exile name calling and blaming from some Podunk foreign policy whiz living in a landlocked State. It's like a daily dose of "Aceite De Higado De Bacalao"; it's supposed to make you strong but it takes like , well you know.....There's also some story about the regime commemorating the failed assault on Cuba's Presidential Palace 50 years ago yesterday and how in typical Stalinist fashion history has been rewritten to protect the guilty and yet the names remain the same. Nothing exciting to report. You face a glowing LCD as empty as your head.

So anyway.., you stumble into the bathroom to tell your wife about how you have nothing to post on the blog. "Sho Don't", she says through a mouth full of "super whitening Crest". (she's talented).

But... there's like 50 people who expect SOMETHING.

And so you pack up the laptop and head to the office in your 1985 RX-7 ,(if it starts), all the way thinking, obsessing about what to post.

And then you realize that if nothing exciting is happening in Cuba, as inconvenient as that may be for you, imagine what it means to those 11 million people stuck in a stagnant cesspool of misery, hopelessness and corruption. another day of the same.

and you go out and look some more only you're not looking for excitement or Earth shattering news, just a little hope.


Val Prieto said...

Ive lived four years of this morning you describe. Its like the movie Groundhog Day sometimes, where every day seems like teh same day when you wake up and check your newsfeeds on Cuba. Siempre la misma mierda. I cant tell you how many days Ive sat there contemplating quitting. Butthen something in me realizes the ridiculousness of thinking about quitting, as if I could.

My only advice is that on days like this, you dont need to look for that hope. that hope is in your heart. Show us.

Charlie Bravo said...

The exciting thing Gusano is that we are all able to post in freedom, and that every single thing that comes to us, talks for who we are to the many people who wake up and tune in with our our blogs every morning.
Sometimes, after those bleak mornings with the newsfeeds, the rumors, the e-mails.... something comes up and brightens up.
Like a text message from Cuba, that reads: "abajo fidel".
There's nothing better than that to inspire me to write yet another rant.

El Gusano said...

thanks, guys.
it was quite shameful to find that i was being so self centered and pety when i have it so good. a public mea culpa.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Communism...still zero calories with no taste.

Charlie Bravo said...

No, Gusano, you were not being self centered or pety.... We are agonizing everyday about the news from Cuba. But in the middle of the darkness a beam of light comes in one of those ABAJO FIDEL that comes right in from the island. I understand your point. We have to respond to our readers, both in the island and here.... It really fuels me up!

Alfredo said...


You are doing a wonderful job! You are a true FREEDOM fighter!

Anonymous said...

I agree with that Podunk foreign policy dude in Idaho. Hey, reality has a liberal bias.

You are the real podunk thinkers.

Anonymous said...
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