17 March 2007

Successful Cuban Tourism Exhibit

Cuba's Official Propaganda Agency, Prensa Latina, reports that its new campaign to attract European tourists to the island prison got off to a great start with the successful introduction of it's new slogan:"Viva Cuba".

In attendance at the Cuban Booth at the 32nd Annual International Tourism fair in Paris were Cuban Ambassador Rogelio Sanchez Levis and Cuban Tourism Ministry delegate Carmen Casal.

According to the official report, "Visitors and tour operators went to the Cuban pavilion and enjoyed Cuban typical drinks and the good music during the inauguration."

Casals added that "the stand (was) quite visited and that Cuba has reached positive results in other editions."

We at La Contra Revolucion could not be happier with all the traffic at the Cuban booth since some 30 Reporters Without Borders activists unveiled their new slogan for Cuba: "Viva Cuba Libre" by demonstrating "in front of Cuba’s stand at the tourism fair in Paris, unfurling banners, putting up posters and demanding the release of the 25 journalists detained in Cuba. Wearing black T-shirts with the words “Cuba = prison,” they covered the stand with adhesive black stripes symbolising the bars of a prison. "

Successful indeed!


Anonymous said...

I applaud your effort too, but how can you say its successful?

the tourism trade in Cuba, while it may slow from year to year, will not stop. Over the long term it will only grow. I am not saying this gleefully but its silly to think a little protest is "successful" when there are direct flights from Paris to Havana daily (same from canada, Spain, Italy). Are you going to stop this? no way, but keep trying if you like

Again, i applaud your efforts, but kind of laugh at your naviety of stopping the tourist flow. sorry.

El Gusano said...


don't laugh, spread the word. someday we'll have a beer in havana and laugh about you busting my balls week after week.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Believe what you like! But we are kicking Raul's ass with respect to tourism! If you think things will get better I'll take that bet and say it will do worse. Plus the sanitary conditions have worsened so we'll have a huge dengue outbreak this year which scared the tourist away last year. Plus some Cubans are being sort of mean to the tourist now out of desperation. Time will tell...

Anonymous said...