14 March 2007

Slick ?

WASHINGTON --Florida's two senators expressed alarm Tuesday over a proposal they said would put oil rigs just 45 miles from the Florida coast -- and skirt the embargo against Cuba by allowing U.S. firms to explore for oil and gas in Cuban waters.

Plans to introduce Senate legislation today come as gasoline prices are rising and just months after Florida lawmakers labored to keep oil exploration as far as 325 miles from the Florida coast.

That's classic.
"Protect our coasts at all costs." "No drilling." " Never." " Ever." " The environment comes first. Always."

"What's that you say?"

"We can help the Castro government and chip at the embargo at the same time?"

"Lets Drill!" " What are we waiting for?"

"Let's Drill those Cubans!"

.... or is a case of Ecoterroristic blackmail?

"Give us money to drill or we'll do it ourselves with our crack team of oil spillers err drillers"

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Put the oil well in my back yard! What do we want? Gasoline! When do we want it? NOW!